Hindu Council of Australia’s Hindu Community Institute offers following courses on Hinduism.


Graduate Certificate Course – Counselor of Hindu Traditions

CHT certificate course is offered in partnership with CHI USA. Completion of the 9-month Sunday CHT course will 1) make you a trained volunteer for community service and 2) facilitate

Certificate in Introduction to Hinduism (eCourse)

The course is offered online, can be started at any time and can be completed at your own pace within three months. Upon competing all the quiz tests, certificate of



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Fees and Scholarships

Introduction to Hinduism – Course fee $100 – Enroll here Counselor of Hindu Traditions – Course fee $3,000 – Click here to enroll and apply for a scholarship of $2,700

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You can enroll in any of the courses listed here. Introduction to Hinduism – Click here to enroll Counselor of Hindu Traditions – Click here to enroll